Press Kit

Jordan first took the stage at just seventeen years old, where he won first place in a county-wide competition. Since then, Jordan has grown to become one of the most popular and recognized comedians coming out of the South Florida region. Whether it’s opening up for some of the biggest headliners in the game, appearing on ABC’s “Good Morning America”, ESPN, or being featured in The New York Post, Jordan is sure to deliver. He is also delivering to his 13,000 Social Media followers/subscribers with over two-million views. He is currently on a nationwide tour performing at clubs and colleges coast to coast and was just recently named New Times Broward’s “Rising Star.” Jordan Garnett has the ability to win over any audience. His high energy, clever writing, and perfect delivery will have you begging for more every time!

“Palm Beach Improv Management,

I recently had the pleasure to go to the Palm Beach Improv with my wife and friends and had a blast!

One of the comedians that truly stood out was a young man named Jordan Garnett!  This guy was hilarious!
He’s not only a good looking guy, but extremely funny, timely, and just had a certain presence about him when he’s on stage.

Working as a local News Anchor here in West Palm Beach, I come across a lot of different people from all walks of life.  But I can tell you that working in television for over 25-years, I can recognize talent immediately when I see it.
There is no question this guy has what it takes to take his game to the next level.  Whether it be stand-up comedy, acting, commercials, voice overs, etc.   He definitely has the “it” factor!
Please keep promoting him!  There is no question that I would definitely come back to the Improv – especially if I know Jordan is working – hopefully as one of the “Headliners” this time!


-John Discepolo (WPTV News Anchor)



“Opening Act: Jordan Garnett is awesome. Him and Matt are my favorite openers for multiple reasons. Jordan pushed the Drink of the night and directly contributed to our sales; it was the top selling drink WHICH IS HUGE!!!! Usually it’s not even in top 10. He also actively seeks email card percentages and him and I were on the same page we wanted over 50% all weekend and we SUCCEDDED!!  It is so important to book a host that benefits the club not only on a funny scale but also on a sales, promotion and informative stand point and Jordan delivers. He is extremely funny as well. Aries loved him and his set flows right into Carl’s.  Even though the one sheet I provide him is full of information he found the perfect balance of hosting for the club and hosting for the show. We love him and I think he should be booked quite often.”

-Melissa Echavarria (Fort Lauderdale Improv Manager)



“Dear Club Owner,

I attended The Fort Lauderdale Improv Comedy Club this past Friday evening. I have been before, but never like this. Usually the first act is very bland scripted and or not very funny at all sometimes just crude. My experience this time around was absolutely amazing and very different! Your opening act host was the best by a mile his name was Jordan Garnett. From his stage presence, routines, to even his annunciating was complete perfection. In my opinion and my party’s as well we were sad to see him exit the stage to introduce “the two professional comedians” after him. He stole the show and was the very best on the stage that night. I approached him after the show and was so welcoming and warm. He took pictures and talked with us for at least 10 minutes and even added us to social media sites  of the improv’s and his to keep contact when we can see him back again. We are very used to performers doing the complete opposite and kind of brushing off show goers
Jordan made us feel as if we were at a dinner party at his own home. He treated us like he’d known us for years. I was so impressed I asked to speak to management to review him and was given this email. I hope you share it with him.
Because of Jordan  we will be back!  We really hope to see more of him and more of his jokes.

Thank you.”

-Katherine Jensen (Audience Member)